Every Good Spirit batch of kombucha is handmade with love.

What is kombucha?
Kombucha is a naturally fermented low-sugar drink made using black tea and cane sugar. During the second fermentation process, we add organic fruit juice and herbs allowing the tea to develop deeper flavours and carbonate further. The live culture in kombucha offers probiotic benefits to your digestive system, similar to other cultured foods like yogurt, kimchi, and sourcraut. It also has a low caffeine content, trace amounts of alcohol, and a distinctive sour tang. If you have tried kombucha before and didn’t like it, give ours a try. We brew fizzy, fruity, and fun flavours with light tang and low sugar!

Is it safe to drink?
Of course! Drinking kombucha is safe for everyone, but we recommend that children, pregnant women, and those with immune issues consult with their physician first if unsure. Our kombucha is dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, egg-free, and totally vegan! If you’ve never had kombucha regularly, we recommend starting with a 1/2 cup daily and increasing gradually. Your gut biome will slowly be introduced to more good bacteria, and once your system adjusts you can drink up to 1 L daily.

How do I store it?
For best taste, we recommend drinking our kombucha immediately after opening. If you need to store it, keep it refrigerated at all times. Since kombucha is a living cultured drink it can continue to ferment if left at warmer temperatures and will self-carbonate, increasing the pressure in the bottle. For the same reasons, do not shake it. For the best flavour, Good Spirit kombucha should be enjoyed by the best before date on the bottle.

Why are some more carbonated or less?
Kombucha carbonates naturally when using traditional brewing methods, and this natural process has some variation. As the yeast in the kombucha eat the sugar, they produce CO2 naturally which adds fermented flavour and fizz to the tea. Different brewers aim for different sugar content, carbonation, and tang.

What’s that “stuff” in the bottle?!
Don’t worry, kombucha lover! The beneficial yeast and bacteria in our drinks are sometimes visible to the naked eye, but are completely safe to drink. We pride ourselves in keeping our kombucha clean, but if you do find some “stuff” in your bottle you can swirl it in, drink it, avoid it, or discard it. Sometimes a small amount of sediment from the organic fruit juices and flavourings we use will form at the bottom of the bottle. This is also perfectly safe to drink.